Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cage Belts and Restraints

    A new modernist twist on an old tale of sex in fashion, and fashion in sex. This one I'm quite fond of.  Leather body harness, restraints, cage belts and a dash of couture of course. Here are some incredible innovations in accessorizing.
 Perhaps E.L. James had more influence on us than we thought?

Visit fleetilya to see some tasteful (some parts graphic)bondage inspired belts, harness, hats and bags. For more affordable and "ready to wear" selection visit assos, topshop  or etsy.

P.S. If you already own a body harness feel free to strap it on your new summer dress before you hit the town :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SWANK: Love Leather

Leather on leather on leather and green socks to go with my Nasty Gals!

Monday, February 25, 2013



Loui Vuitton






Carrying on with the best "carry on" clear purses! Chanel is the only label, among many who featured the clear bag, to really showcase this look in a variation of timeless clutches, totes and over-the- shoulders in 2009. And may I just say, they hit it out of the park! Now my problem is, these couture gems have been around for years yet I seldomly see them available in stores or clutched in the hands of the trendy streetwalker. I think its time to bring the clear bag back!
 If you want to get your hands on what I consider the little-black-dress of purses, no need to splurge on an expansive  haute couture, check youtube for some fab DIY clear clutch tutorials and customize them to your style and liking. The best part is, it will always complement anything you are wearing and always make a statement.

P.S Even Hermès made one!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013




Proenza Schouler

Tom Ford

Lets start the blog with one of my all time favorite trends: knee high gladiator sandals!
 I want to put the emphasis on KNEE HIGH! For me this trend did not last long enough and I am so excited to see Tom Ford one of the only designers this year to feature these fabulous gladiator/bondage sandal/boots for spring/summer 2013! I can only hope the fad will be re-adopted by my more affordable retailers.